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Why Cruise on a Big Ship When You Can Charter a Yacht?

Why Cruise on a Big Ship When You Can Charter a Yacht?

Picture yourself getting a tan on a beach bench that’s placed on the deck of a top line cruise ship. Now imagine you’re laying on that chair with other people doing the same thing on the cruise. Do you like that kind of crowd around you? Because mind you, you would need to bear with them for 7 weeks, unless you would just want to lock yourself up in your room. Cruise trips can have a really huge crowd, although it merrier to do activities with more people, not everyone is a huge fan of that.

You can expect hundreds or thousands of fellow passengers traveling with you for the whole duration of time so it would be no surprise if you would find yourself drowning in the sound of those kids running around the deck, hearing the screams of the people on board who couldn’t contain their happiness, listening to the laughter of your fellow cruisers and their chattering noises when they see something worth talking about. There’s also the occasional ladies’ gossip and testosterone filled conversation of the men. Can you bear with that crowd? If you can’t then fret not, because there’s always a way to have fun like learning to charter a yacht and braving the seas as your cruise with a sweet ride.

You might say that it could cost you a leg and an arm to do that because we all know how luxurious looking yachts can be, right? But you shouldn’t be that alarmed. Don’t be daunted by your expenses with a yacht cruise because compared to the price between cruising on a shipping line, you would find that you would just need to pay a bit more to put more value for your bucks in chartering a yacht trip. There are just more private privileges out of it. Would it not be fun to enjoy the Caribbean or Europe or Asia with just a small number of people with you?

The price would be very much dependent on the season, the size of the yacht, and the number of crew that you would employ. Cruising during the winter and autumn may cost a bit more than the other two seasons. Each yacht can be chartered for five to seven days. Some yachts can fill up to 10 people. Other can accommodate more. So, you should drag along your friends and maybe split the bill with them. So if you’re to charter a yacht for seven days going to the Caribbean and you have 10 friends with you, you would just be paying a minimum of $500 per person. Just imagine the company of your friends while on a luxurious ride. Wouldn’t that be something worth doing sometime in your life? You just get to have lesser worries about cruising with strangers and more time to party hard.

You would just need a good captain on board if you don’t really know how to supervise a trip and off you shall go to your favorite traveling destination. Anyone can rent a boat with just a driver’s license on hand. You would also be asked for prior experience in sailing and other yacht trips. This is done to assess whether or not you are fit for the yacht that you would want to charter. The chartering company could let you go bareboating if you already have advanced skills, but if you’re also a newbie, then they would provide someone for that.

If you would be going with a crew, then it’s best that you get acquainted with them. You would also need to double check all the included amenities. Also, you need to inquire about the overall condition of the boat. You might want to ask about their backup plans should anything go wrong.

At the end of the say, you would then realize that you did have a money well spent on something that you and your friends would always remember.

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