Top 5 Fantastic Aromatic Bath Salts Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success

Top 5 Fantastic Aromatic Bath Salts - Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success

There are few things more relaxing and restorative than a nice warm bath after a hard day. The whole thing just resonates on a variety of levels. Anyone who truly loves and looks forward to the peace and solitude that comes with bath time knows there’s more to it than merely stripping down and scrubbing up. The warm water rushing over you, or you sinking beneath its depths into a hot fluidic nothingness, the grime and sweat of a day spent in toil washing off you seemingly effortlessly, and with it, for a moment at least, all the thousand daily frustrations and fears we face each day.

Your end of the day bath can be downright therapeutic, and aromatic bath salts can go a long way to making it even more so. Bath salts are luxurious and were for a long time the kind of luxury only the rich could afford, but today they’re affordable to millions, and very much in vogue in both the traditional and alternative, “all-natural” personal wellness scenes. Here, then, are five fantastic aromatic bath salts available from fine online outlets, including locales such as, and what they can do to soothe your nerves, relax your skin and soften your souls!

Eo Products French Lavender Bath Salt

Evoke the aura and sensation of old Versailles with these French Lavender aromatic bath salts. Perfumed bath is a European tradition that goes back centuries. The Royal Family of France would have enjoyed perfumed baths, and so now you can feel like royalty with these bath salts.

Eo is an established all-natural brand, and you can always count on them to provide something that’s as soothing as it is wonderfully-scented, and these bath salts are no exception. Lavender can sometimes seem somewhat bland, but Eo brings out the classiest side of this classic regal aroma, making it perfect not just for a morning bath, but when you’re looking to keep your bathroom smelling lovely when company comes over.

Soothing Touch Bath Salts Cedar Sage Peppermint

Whether you prefer it in an earthy cedar sage or a piping-fresh peppermint, these aromatic bath salts are perfect for buyers who like a little variety in their bath products.

On the one hand, cedar wood has a storied history of being used for bathing and perfume purposes, but online the lavishness European royalty associated with lavender, these bath salts go back even further, with the first recorded usage occurring in Egypt. As such, if you want to add a touch of exoticism to your daily hygiene routine, you might want to give this variety a try. On the other hand, peppermint is, of course, a classic so far as scented anything’s is concerned, and that holds true here.

Himalayan Bath Salt Lavender Hills

Himalayan bath salts are always something unique, and certainly worthy of their own article. For one thing, the salt here is hammer-crushed as opposed to ground and has a distinct pink hue as a result of the minerals which make up its composition. What’s more, they contain a kind of all-natural essential oil which can have an incredibly restorative effect. Among the other notable ingredients are Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, Lavender Oil, Lavandin Oil, Chamomile Oil, and Orange Oil.

The Himalayas have long stood as a symbol of peace and tranquility. That tradition is still very much alive and well, and something you can share in, if even in the smallest amount, with these all-natural Himalayan aromatic bath salts.

Abra Therapeutics Muscle Therapy Bath

One of the great benefits of bath salts is their potential to soften the water and, in so doing, have a beneficial effect on one’s skin. In fact, you could make the argument that that’s one of the best reasons to consider buying something such as bath salts in the first place. We all have our own individual aches and pains, and a hot bath at the end of the day can go a long way towards relieving minor to moderate muscle tension. If you’ve ever tried to live with muscular pain, you know that it’s no joke, and something no one should have to go through.

And that’s where Abra and these therapeutic muscle bath salts come in. Not only do you get to enjoy the softening effect of bath salts on water, but can likewise feel the impact on your skin. You’ll want to do your own research and see what kind of skin softeners and bath salts are right for you, of course, but if you’re looking for something to simply relax your muscles while you relax, this might be well worth your time.

Queen Helene Batherapy Natural Mineral Bath

Finally, we return to our view of aromatic bath salts as a signifier of royalty with these Queen Helene aromatic bath salts. This is yet another of those Himalayan bath salts and one that comes from the mountain range itself. As with previous entries, these bath salts are ground by hand rather than carelessly crushed, giving each container that special care and personal touch that’s missing from our modern world. Further work on the crystals involved here is done in Pakistan. Some of the choice ingredients here include Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, Cinnamon Oil, Cassia Oil, Orange Oil, Cedar Oil, Lavandin Oil, Rosemary Oil, Clove Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Nutmeg Oil, and Clary Sage Oil.

Whether you’re giving the gift of aromatic bath salts to someone else or just want a bath fit for a queen for yourself. This offering from Queen Helene certainly ranks among the royalty of aromatic bath salts.

With all the stress that’s so much a part of our modern world; don’t you deserve the chance to unwind at the end of the day? Aromatic bath salts soften and perfume your water, can have a wide range of potentially-beneficial effects on your well-being, and just leave you feeling great—definitely worth the attention of any all-natural aficionado.

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