Tips to Choose a Perfect Saree to Grace Your Personality

Tips to Choose a Perfect Saree to Grace Your Personality

Be it plain sarees or banarasi sarees, every nine-yard drape is special. The elegance and ethnic aura that they carry are embraceable that every woman is it a teenage girl or a married or soon-to-be-bride wants to hold dear. This garment not only exemplifies India’s traditions but let one dive deep into the culture.

Be it a modern diva or someone quaint, a saree satiates everyone’s tastes well. There are different types of sarees available in the market and online stores. The ranges are so vast that it may make you overwhelmed. This could be confusing to make a choice among a plethora of choices available.
Consider these tips to narrow down your search for a perfect saree.

Consider your personal choice and body type

One of the most important tips to buy a saree is to consider the style that will suit your personality and tastes. Those who have full-fledged body should not wear too heavy sarees instead for easy and breezy ones such as georgette and chiffon sarees. Even cotton sarees are best to take your pick from.
Our sarees buying guide also helps you understand which type of saree will look great on which body. For example, if you are somebody with the curvaceous body then you should choose chiffon material. It is free flowy and emphasizes your curves beautifully. However, make sure you drape saree perfectly or else it may highlight your problem areas. For a slender figure, choose from georgette saree, silk and brocade saree. Every type of nine-yard-ensemble has its own charm and appeal, hence choose wisely.

Those who do not want to get stuck in between the drapes should opt for readymade saree. Yes, there are many designer ones that come with pre-made drapes which you just have to slip into. Those who are looking for something glamorous should choose from net sarees. The sheer texture of these ensembles is sure to up your sensuous quotient.

Consider design and material

Our saree buying guide doesn’t just pertain to saree type; in fact, material quality is of utmost importance as well. You need to pay attention to the quality of the material as well. Check the type of work a saree does have. Buy sarees from a reliable store only. The good quality will ensure longevity and you can use your saree for years to come, however, the ones low on quality may tear and wear soon.

Not only the one we provided here, but there are many more saree buying tips out there. If you are going to buy a saree for a special occasion, make sure the one you pick matches the theme. For example, pick a heavily embroidered saree for a wedding ceremony. Kanjivaram and banarasi sarees are best for those purposes.

Pick tied and dyed cotton sarees for Navratri festivity. Silk and south Indian sarees are yet another option.

No matter which saree you choose make sure you drape it gracefully and style perfectly. Wear matching jewelry to look like a diva!

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