Celebrity Fashion Hair Style

Celebrity Fashion Hair Style

Nothing says young and vibrant like a short haircut. It is almost like without the weight of lengthy locks, there is nothing that can weigh you down; even in life. Because of this, modern fashion seems to be incorporating more short styles than ever before; and this year, leading celebrity styles are intermixing a bit of sweet and edgy that is fitting to a variety of personalities. Here is a rundown of the latest hair trends.

The Lob

Currently being sported by Kelly Ripa and Kate Hudson, this short-to-mid-length cut is like a bob gone wild. No longer defined by clean lines and equal lengths, the lob is anything but uptight. Perfect for women who like a little excitement, this cut is also simple to maintain. With its disordered layers and shorter lengths, you easily scrunch and be on your way.

The Pixie

A trend of the past, this super short do is again achieving fashionable status thanks to celebrities like Kate Mara and Miley Cyrus. Ear length and short sides give this cut a sweet and innocent look, but a little length and choppy layers can create more daring statement. A great way to look as youthful as you feel, the pixie fits well with a variety of outfits for every occasion.

The Long-Layered Pixie

Also referred to as the “Abigail” in some sectors, this cut has been one of the most popular celebrity short hairstyles for some time, as it affords one the ability to create numerous variations with very little effort. Capable of being worn in ways that are both elegantly refined and recklessly sexy, this cut is perfect for women with a well-rounded, yet free-spirited, personality. Adopted by Keira Knightly as well as Jennifer Lawrence, this hairstyle is a great way to improve your image and expands yourself expression.

The Fauxhawk

With modern fashion brimming with 80’s inspirations, one can only expect the iconic mohawk influence. Yes, that’s right, short sides framing a wildly-expressive top are quickly becoming a highly-sought look. However, unlike the stiff, spiky barbs that were popular over two decades ago, the fauxhawk is softer and more feminine. Fueling this current trend are celebrities like Rihanna Cool and Robyn, who, like others who sport the style, are not afraid to make a statement.

If you’re looking to adopt a new do this year you may want to think short. A style that works in displaying both sex appeal and vivaciousness, short, modern hairstyles can add a fresh new perspective to your life. Wear it wavy, color it pink, or go classic sleek and straight, no matter the look you choose you are sure to be on the cutting edge.

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