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Assemble a New Wardrobe Without Emptying Your Walletd

New Wardrobe

“The European closet” is the latest genius minimalist trend. The title stems from the small closet space that most Europeans are accustomed to. Less space calls for less clothing, less clothing forces more creativity, and the end result costs less money! This post has been designed to help you purge the clutter and build a new “French” wardrobe without emptying your wallet!

Out With the Old, Unflattering, and Unnecessary

The first step to assembling a minimalist wardrobe is to PURGE everything you don’t need or love. Be ruthless. The more clothes you can sell through second-hand stores or sites like Craigslist, the more money you have to put towards your new closet! For anything not worth selling, you can donate to goodwill!

In with the new.

As you assemble your new wardrobe, it’s important to keep your head on straight when you’re surrounded by racks of new finds. First, take the time to define your style and set your budget – including what you earned through selling old clothing to second-hand stores. Those stores often offer more money in store credit than they do in cash. Take advantage! You may find everything you need in one place for less!

A new style is easily obtainable with a minimal amount of clothing. Round up the basics that you wear more often than anything else. If you’d like a more detailed plan, check out this minimalist wardrobe checklist from Life Goals Mag, containing only thirty items!

Shop Differently.

A minimalist closet requires maintenance. You’ll need to learn to resist buying clothing you’ll rarely wear, decline the opportunity to save on clearance deals if you don’t positively LOVE what you find, and drop the impulse buys. Keep your wardrobe minimal, but take advantage of the money you’ll save! Less cash spent on dozens of useless pieces will give you the funds you need to invest in the clothing of a higher cost, with a greater, longer-lasting quality.

Let’s say you own about 8 T-shirts that are unflattering, made of cheap fabric, and cost about $15.00 a piece. That’s $120.00 in clothing that you barely even like. Instead of filling your closet with low-quality extras, you could use that money to buy yourself a warm winter coat that will last you for years to come, and will also sell for much more money than those faded, old T-shirts when you decide it’s time for something new!

If you still feel a little uneasy about spending too much on one piece of clothing, check out sales, clearance racks, and snag a few coupons for the items you need. Groupon is a great tool to use when saving money on clothing, as they offer loads of free coupons and discounts for top designers, they alert you to sales in your area, and the app is a breeze to use! Check out these deals for Charles Tyrwhitt, some offering more than 50% off the listing price!
Good luck!

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