A Tour of the Fascinating History about Bridal Dresses

A Tour of the Fascinating History about Bridal Dresses

While the modern day wedding is usually regarded as an emblem of love and promise that is made between the bride and groom. However, the same wasn’t in the past where a wedding was seen as a business transaction where two families joined their respective forces for some common motive. During that time, the wedding dresses were regarded as a symbol to represent the wealth and social status of the bride’s family.

Dark Wedding Gowns, Their Importance in The Past

Throughout history, it has been observed that brides tend to purchase expensive dresses, especially for their wedding. The style wasn’t much of a concern during those days. The only thing that was favored was dark colors. Black was the most popular color during that time period. Apart from black, blue was also quite a popular choice for bridal dresses since it was a symbol of purity. However, there were exceptions such as green which was considered to be unlucky. The reason for the popularity of dark colors was that they could be worn despite stains and imperfections.

Emergence and popular of white bridal gowns

White wedding dresses were quite popular during the year 1406. It was during this time when the color white gained immense popularity among the brides as their choice of color. From 1840 onwards, brides who had the tendency of showing off their social status and wealth decided to wear white wedding gowns that had been made from a high amount of fabric. White dresses were hard-to-obtain and thus only the women belonging to the high class and wealthy families were able to afford such dresses.

The trend of wearing white wedding dresses faced scarcity during times of the Great Depression because it was extremely difficult for people to spend money on expensive gowns. During this time, people returned to the dark colored dresses. But this return was short-lived because, during the second half of the 20th century, white once again received immense popularity.

Traditions and Wedding Dresses

It was observed that the color of wedding dresses differed from one culture to another. For example, in the cultures of the Eastern countries, brides wore a combination of white and red colors since the color red stood for good luck. In the weddings of Japanese culture, it was observed that brides wore several dresses throughout the ceremony.


Nowadays, brides have a myriad of choices to be chosen from several styles, fabrics, and colors. In terms of style and shape, the dresses tend to vary from bride to bride. Still, the light-colored dresses are quite popular. Despite so many transformations about the bridal dresses, the brides have to spend a lot of time in searching the best dress for the occasion whereas the groom only needs to match the wedding dress

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